hypnobirthing classes

£300 per couple
Discount available for group sessions

The hypnobirthing course is delivered over four weekly sessions and taught within your own home. Each session is two hours long and arranged according to mutually convenient dates. If you wish to book the hypnobirthing 1:1 course, please enquire first as to whether your home address is covered within our teaching catchment area.

A one off taught 1:1 session of 2 hours long can also be booked if you wish to add a ‘top up’ to your Antenatal classes. The cost of this is £100 and again, please check whether your home address is within our teaching catchment area.

Why choose hypnobirthing

Why choose


It teaches you to re-frame how you may be viewing birth and in doing so allows you to become less fearful and anxious.

It teaches you relaxation techniques to enable you to achieve a state of compete calm.

It can be used for any type of labour and delivery, to allow you to feel calm, relaxed and at peace with whatever path your labour takes.