hypnobirthing classes

£280 per couple
Discount available for group sessions

Contrary to the way it sounds Hypnobirthing has nothing to do with hypnosis! In reality Hypnobirthing is learning about the physiology, and psychology of birth.

Our course gives you all the tools you will need to be able to use Hypnobirthing for your labour and delivery, alongside the usual content for an antenatal course.

Sonya and Carey are both fully trained KGH  Hypnobirthing teachers.

You can attend on your own, or ideally with your birth supporter. We offer one to one courses or group sessions.

Why choose hypnobirthing

Why choose


It teaches you to re-frame how you may be viewing birth and in doing so allows you to become less fearful and anxious.

It teaches you relaxation techniques to enable you to achieve a state of compete calm.

It can be used for any type of labour and delivery, to allow you to feel calm, relaxed and at peace with whatever path your labour takes.


Loved every class with Carey, Sonya and Lorna!
I’m very pleased I now feel much more relaxed knowing all the information they provided in and outside the classes. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed and they made us feel so welcome 🙂
I would be very happy if I was lucky enough to have them during my labour as know I would be in safe hands! Thanks Carey, Sonya and Lorna xx

We had a great experience with the Brilliant Birth Company and would highly recommend to all expectant parents.
The support both in and outside of class has been invaluable and we now feel much more prepared for labour and birth.
The only problem is that they’re so enjoyable you’ll want to hang out with Carey, Sonya and Lorna every Thursday night – we miss going to class!