Refresher course

Are you expecting your second baby? Would you like the chance to discuss your previous birth and make a plan for your next delivery? We offer a two hour one to one session to cover any area of pregnancy and delivery you would like a refresher on.

£100 for a two hour session.

Birth Planning

A one to one session to help formulate a birth plan specific to your pregnancy, in the comfort of your own home.

£100 for a two hour session.

Postnatal Debrief

Would you like to talk about your labour and delivery with one of our midwives? We offer a two hour session to discuss and debrief you and your partner, should you have any unanswered questions.

£100 for a two hour session.

 Postnatal support session

Once your baby has arrived we can offer a post natal session in your own home, to help with feeding issues, general baby care, anything you would like more support with.

£100 for a two hour session.

Ask a midwife session

Previous Caesarean section? Thinking about a vaginal birth this time? Lorna will be able to talk through all the choices available and guide you to making a decision with regards to mode of delivery.

Expecting twins? Carey, a mum of twins herself, and a midwife who has cared for many twin mums, can talk through what to expect with regards to the birth. She can also give you hints and tips for your pregnancy and life in the first few weeks.

Expecting a Rainbow baby? Sonya can talk you through any fears/ anxieties you may have for this pregnancy. In her previous role as a Bereavement Midwife, Sonya cared for many parents who had experienced a loss. She can offer that extra support you may need.

£100 for a two hour session.


I highly recommend the brilliant birth company. Lorna, Carey and Sonya made me feel so at ease as soon as I started the classes with my partner.
With over 60+ years in midwifery between them, the knowledge passion and expertise they showed was amazing and I could not of asked for any better teachers!!!
I haven’t even mentioned there baking skills… Brownies, lemon drizzle cake….. STAR BAKERS AND GREAT TEACHERS!!!
Adam K

The Brilliant Birth Company are exactly what it says on the tin. These ladies are sensational at leading these classes.
Right from the offset their smiles and bubbly personalities put myself and my wife at ease. As the weeks went by, attending these classes were definitely seen as a highlight of the week.
I would recommend this class to anyone. Keep up the smashing work ladies.
Giles O